Job Openings

Computer Lab Instructor(Main Location)

Salary: $8.00 per hour/ 15 hours per week

Education & Experience: Experience with computers, programs and working with children needed.

Position Description & Responsibilities:
The purpose of the Computer Lab Instructor is maintaining the operation of a computer lab; and instructing members in the use of computer lab technology and software applications; and monitoring member’s activities in the computer lab.

Assist members on computers.
Members will be involved in Skill Tech, My Future, and Stride Academy in the Computer Lab.
Members should be taught the basics of the computer before getting on.
Provide essential digital literary skills to teach them to succeed in school and the job market

Arts Instructor (GW Long, Midland City & South Dale Locations)

Salary: $15 per hour/ 4-6 hours per week

Job Summary:
• Plans, implements, supervise, and evaluate activities that include musical talent and possibly instruments (i.e. guitar, drums, keyboard, etc.)

  • This position is one day at Midland City Elementary, one day at South Dale Middle School and one day at GW Long Elementary

Job responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• Promote and stimulate program participation
• Ensure programs and activities are age appropriate and appeal to all member interests
• Provide guidance and role modeling to members.
• Monitor and evaluate programs, services and activities to ensure safety of members, quality in programs and appearance of the Program at all times. (including housekeeping) Prepare periodic activity reports.
• May be required to participate in special programs and/or events.
• Provide appropriate guidance and discipline, ensuring that rules and policies are upheld.
• Be able to teach choir and a music instrument skill; guitar, drums, keyboarding, etc.
• Teach group lessons incorporating elements of general musicianship, such as ear training and theory, as well as instrumental technique and interpretation.
• Support students in their use of music technology by keeping up to date with major software tools and making use of recording and other technology.

Skills/Knowledge REQUIRED:
• Experience in working with children.
• A music degree would be an asset but not required.
• Ability to motivate youth and manage behavior problems.
• Ability to organize and supervise youth in a safe environment.
• All applicants will be subject to background checks and drug/alcohol testing

Physical Requirements:
• Helping youth grow, learn, and gain new skills can be very rewarding. The work is sometimes routine but new activities and challenges mark each day. Child care can be physically and emotionally taxing, as workers constantly stand, walk, bend, stoop, and lift to attend to each child's interests and problems.

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