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About Stride

Stride’s adaptive learning technology guides each student to practice where he or she needs it most—and then serves up a variety of content that’s lively and engaging, rich with a spirit of community and competition. The multimedia toolkit of resources targeted to their individual needs – including adaptive skills practice questions, instructional video lessons and printable, offline study guide pages selected especially for them. These resources are embedded in the program, so students are literally a click away from accessing the help they need in that moment.

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2nd Grade-ALC945687

3rd Grade-ALC319697

4th Grade-ALC35134

5th Grade-ALC222867

6th Grade-ALC17390

7th Grade-ALC453053

8th Grade-ALC385680


2nd Grade-ALC654646

3rd Grade-ALC755224

4th Grade-ALC838628

5th Grade-ALC897306

6th Grade-ALC392394



2nd Grade-ALC947913 

3rd Grade-ALC08238

4th Grade-ALC765375


5th Grade-ALC607763

6th Grade-ALC941723

7th Grade-ALC913979

8th Grade-ALC926579

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